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YWLA // Young Women's Leadership Academy

Girls Today. Women Tomorrow. Leaders Forever.
The Young Women’s Leadership Academy (YWLA) is a Midland ISD school of choice focusing on college preparatory academics, leadership development through community service, and health and wellness. 
In this Day & Age, empowering women has become more and more a part of our culture. We wanted to show how strong these young women will grow to be from the education & sisterhood they will receive at the Young Women's Leadership Academy. To represent the future they will be entering into after graduation and these young women's leadership abilities the school logo incorporates The Queen from the game of chess.
The Queen IS the MOST VALUABLE piece, She can move in any direction and this school is all about setting young women up to be able to do the same in the game of life.

What we did​​

  • Established a modern
       & relevant brand voice 
  • Established a heroic & motivational image
  • Developed a strategic implementation
       of the brand 

"Shadow marketing did our YWLA design...and, it is AMAZING!

We had a few ideas but the Shadow Marketing team took our ideas to the next level. The staff at Young Women's Leadership Academy of Midland is grateful for the work that was done to brand our school!"

YWLA // Jennifer Seybert 

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