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Storytellers • Creatives • Strategists 

We go by many different names; however, our process is the same . . . 

listen, solve and create.


Jennifer McNew 

strategy director + founder

Coordinating with a creative team shouldn’t be difficult. Clients enjoy easy, efficient communication about their creative projects with Shadow thanks to Jennifer. Companies trust her management of their ongoing campaigns and she ensures the overall success in a seamless manner. She is our organizational triple threat, she has years of experience in business coaching, sales, promotions, and brand recognition.


Tania Monarrez 

agency coordinator

Every agency needs someone to keep them on track and Shadow's is Tania! She is responsible for our daily behind the scenes tasks. She is constantly assisting in connecting the dots from ideas to the project finale. 

Like attracts Like,  Love attracts Love

Shadow is a collective of individuals that love helping others through their talents, abilities and past experiences. Each having unique specialties that meld together, creating a cohesive team working tirelessly to tell the stories of great brands.

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