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Revel Event Design & Rentals

previously known as Bubbles Rentals

Revel Event Design & Rentals, previously known Bubbles Rentals, came to us with the want and need to re-brand their business. We helped bring their brand vision to life by renaming them as Revel. 


rev·el /ˈrevəl/

enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way,

especially with drinking and dancing.


revel it up!



Revel's brand embodies class, innovation, and elegance, so our we designed a suede textured card with a raised lettering to make their logo POP! There velvety business card literally expresses that luxurious and immaculate feeling through the sense of sight and touch. ⁣That class extends through out their brand.



What we did​​

  • Re-launched brand with new 

   name & look​

  • Developed brand expansion 

  • Developed a strategic website

  • Revamped external messaging

  • Created Branded photography


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